About Us

Simple, fast and reliable

Relocating and settling down in a new country can be quite stressful. We understand.
That’s why our main mission is to help you and your family settle down stress-free and enjoy your time in Turkey.
Our team consists of English-speaking locals who always have your best interest in mind. We know how the local market works, what you should be careful about, which services have the best fees and other valuable information. All the info needed to make your move to Turkey a breeze.
Nomad specialized in local resettlements, so we’re always up-to-date with the legislation and (legal) changes that could affect your stay in Turkey.
Since 2018, we have helped numerous families to settle down in Turkey and begin their Turkish adventure. From getting a residence permit to renting a house or finding a language tutor, you can rely on us.
We take pride in our service. Striving for excellence is what drives us and that’s why you can count on us even when all the official settlement deals are done and closed.
Beautiful nature, stunning architecture and inviting Turkish culture await you! Meet new people and revel in a cup of Çay while we take care of everything for you.
Simple, fast and reliable.